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Karaka: Health, father , power , authority, fame name, government, royalty, medicine, eyes. Wool, wood or timber, places of worship, brokerage or commission, blood circulation, paternal uncle, service (6th house), profession (10th house, courage, patrimony, hon’ble rank, politician, doctor, physician, soul, forests, deserts.

Professions & occupations: Economic occupation, ruling class, royal/govt. appointment, magistrate, ruler, administrator, dealer in wool, commission agent, forest officer, creator, promoter, owner, surveyor, signaler, photographer, jeweller, designer.


Karaka: Mother , travel, heart, mind, emotions, blood, watery places, liquids, gardening, salt, sea medicine, changes, hernia, left eye, foreign travel, milk, popularity, pearls, petroleum products, sea food, scent, rich dishes, personality, fluids in the body.

Professions & Occupations: Traveler, agriculture, salt, hawker, water works, mechanical engineer, sailors, pearls, shipping, navy, milk, petroleum, fish, coral, excise, liquor, cattle, women welfare, journalism, tourism, advertising, refreshment bars, glasses, nursery, chemicals, hospitals, mirrors, nursing homes.


Karaka: Karaka of courage, younger brother, stamina, immovable property, diseases, enemies, blood, surgery, science, logic, lands, fire, defense, mathematics, step-mother, passions, anger, hatred, violence, sins, vindictiveness, lewdness, sudden death murders, accidents, poverty, bravery, fires of ambition, force, muscles.

Professions and Occupation: Police, military, medical, surgery, involving instruments, armament, chemist, geology, engineering, dairy-jobs, jail, cooking, hunting, circus, thieving, barber, metal trade, butcher, weapons, lands, sports, property dealer, dentist, baker, fire-man, furnace, athletes.


Karaka: Intelligence, education, friends, business and trade, mathematics, scientific learning, adeptness, speech, publisher, printer, teaching, flowers, maternal uncles and aunts, accountancy, clerks, nephews, adopted sons, pearls, oysters, black-magic, squint eye, laughter, smell. Vedas, puranas, eloquence, elder co-born.

Professions and Occupation: Merchandise, business, law, transport, crafts, accountants, drivers, stationary, teachers, travelers, astrologers, authors, publishers, auditors, P & T department, post-men, copyists, mathematicians, physicians, gem-examiners, arbitrators, journalism, writers, educationists, counselors, advertisers, libraries, bookshops, newspapers, chartered accountants, clerks.


Karaka: Sons, husband, wealth, guru, intelligence, education, astrology, logic, scripture’s knowledge, good qualities, janana, control over senses, devotion, sacrifice, prosperity, paternal grand parents, good virtues, religious acts, royal honors.

Professions and Occupation: Venerable & respectable position, banks, income tax, treasuries, revenue, temples, charitable institutions, laws, judges, law-courts, lawyers, auditors, editors, professors, scholars, teachers, grocers, advertisement, saints and sages priests share market, financiers, ministers, philosophers, councilors.


Karaka: Wife, Marriage, pleasures of senses, conveyances, ornaments, luxury articles, watery places, passions, sexual desires, semen, silver, gems, pearls, flowers, comforts, eroticism, perfumes, fragrance, good clothes, wife’s parents, maternal grand parents, mangalayakaraka, beauty, sour, youth, dance, music, songs, drama, black hair, water sports, voluptuousness, libido, lust, treasure troves, wine, juicy objects, artistic talents, kama.

Professions & Occupation: Artists, garments dramatists, musicians, cinema line, poets, painting, dress makers, perfumes, vehicle dealers, jewelers, building engineers, dairy, navy, railways, excise, transport dealing with fair sex, weavers, income-tax wealth tax and revenue etc. If there is connection with Saturn or the nodes, beauty parlors.


Karaka: Longevity, miseries, calamities, death, old age, ailments, poverty, penury, sins, fear, secrecy imprisonment, service, science, law, oil, minerals, workers, laborers, servants, servility, slavery, agriculture, sacrifice, fall from heights, dishonour, dearth, wants, travel abroad for residence, debts, hard labour, black grains, touch, timber, poison, legs, ashes, deformity, renunciation, arms, robbery, enmity with govt. delays, diseases, obstacles, land, patience, lazyness, pilgrimage, sadness, studiousness, vocation, wood, wool, yama, untouchables, younger co-borns.

Profession & Occupations: Serving class. Hard-working jobs, government service, menial & physical work, iron & steel, bricks glass tile factory, foot wears, wood or stone work, carpentry, oil digging, masons, jobs connected with punishment, agricultural implements, all kinds of responsible jobs, matters related with deep meditation & extensive study, house building, surveying, contractors, miners, cheats, beggars hangmen, ascetics, brothels, gambling dens, black art and magic, umbrellas, servants, drivers, coolies, builders.


Karaka: Research, harsh speech, life in foreign land, traveling, dearth & want, spot on skin, skin diseases, reptile, snake & its bite, poison, epidemics, immoral woman connections, paternal grandfather, maternal grandmother, fallacious arguments, vexatious speech, falsehood, widowhood, pain and swelling, drowning, darkness, hurting words, low caste, wicked woman, gambler, heretic, falsehood, cunningness, mean minded, backbiter, hypocrite, given to bad habits, sinking with ships or drowning, pleasure with diseased women, amputation, leprosy, strength, expenditure, dignity, enemies, epidemics, adulterer, accident, buttocks, exiles, gamblers, handicap, inventor, liquor, other castes, quarrels, smuggling spy, suicide, venomous, reptiles, widow, wrestler, hunters, slavery, short temper, southwest, stones.

Profession & Occupation: Research, speculators, lawyers, scholars, medicines, antibiotics, telephones, electricity, airlines, aeronautics, aviation, computers, profession of erratic and cruel nature, sewerage, bone mills, hides and skins, magic, corpses, mortuary, slaughter houses, foul smelling dirty places, snake catchers, wrestlers, base job, butcher acts, thieving, sorcery, gambling, poisonous drugs. As per Satyacharya Rahu rules over professions attributed to Saturn.


Karaka: Moksha, lunacy, imprisonment, life in foreign land, leprosy, salvation, suicide, maternal grand father, paternal grand-mother, eyes, fastidious, bitchy and poisonous speech, long stature, smoke color, chain smoker, wound, spots on body, lean and thin, malicious, perpetrator, fallen, intrigues, occultism, philosophy, detachment, government fines, dreams, sudden death, evil spirits, diseases caused by worms, poisonous, bites, religion, astrology, final emancipation, medical practitioner, adulterer, arrest, bankruptcy, injury, intercourse, kidnapping, murder, poison, punishment, worms, wounds, fire accident, assassination, miser, intrigues.

Profession & Occupation: Hides and skins, corpses, mortuary, skeletons, bones, bone mills, slaughter house, refuse bins, sewerage work, foul smelling places, dirty places, dealer in medicines, religious preacher, plotters, medical practitioner, occult sciences, philosophy. According to Satyacharya Kethu rules over professions attributed to mars.




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