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1st House
Lagna, Kendra, Kona

Stands for: Self, health, longevity, happiness, appearance, character, stature, temperament, prosperity, disposition, nature, personality, vitality & vigour, success or failure in attempts, general well being of person asking question, fame (Sun & House 10), beginning of life, child hood, environment, physical body.

2nd House
Succedant, Markasthana, Eyes

Stands for: Wealth, death, speech, family, vision, education, learning, right eye, self-acquisition, face, material welfare, second marriage, teacher, lawyers, banker, bonds, security, stocks & shares, friends, documents, mortgages, negotiable & changeable assets, bank balance, gold, silver, ruby, pearls, money matters, acquisition by self efforts, wordly attainments.

3rd House
Cadent, upachaya, trishadha, longevity

Stands for: Stamina, courage, longevity, younger brothers, perseverance, short travels, writings, relations, confusion of mind, vigor, pleasure, arms, servants, good qualities, large undertakings, mistress, neighbors, brokerage, commissions, ability, memory, mistress, intellect, interview, mental inclination, lower mind for material advancement, inclination to study, change agreements, negotiations, cycle, bus, tram, railway, papers, accounting, mathematics, editor, reporter, messenger, journalist, library, partition of property, printing press, communications, post offices, letter boxes, telephone, telegraph, television, teleprint, airmail, architect, astrology, writer, post , journalism, correspondence, publishing.

4th House
Kendra, chaturasra

Stands for: Mother, happiness, property (hereditary, landed, constructed) conveyances, moral virtues (honesty and sincerity etc.), friends, education, peace of mind, comforts, acquisitions, general welfare, fondness, masses, fame, intelligence, savings, cattle, agricultural grains, trade, weather, residence, tent, pavilion, false allegations, where stolen property is kept, fields, farms, orchards, crops, mines, private affairs, secrets, secret life, in female's nativity-sex life, sangama & sateetavama, popularity.

5th House
Kona, succedent, panaphara

Stands for: children, intelligence, wisdom, speculation, fame, position, mind, emotions, 1st conception, sudden wealth, good morals, father, foresight, memory, enjoyments including sex, speculative tendency, flirtations and love affairs, good morals, deity , bhakti, knowledge of future life, prestige, governmental aid, ministerial occasions, sports, recreations entertainment, amusements, wife’s or partner’s luck, romance, games, drama, music, dance, opera, lottery, gambling, betting, cards, race horse, shares, stock exchange, crossword puzzles, love affairs, court ships, licentiousness, kidnapping, religious mindedness, spiritual practices, rapes, society, romance, mantra siddhi, carnal pleasures.

6th House
Dusthana, upachaya, cadent, trishadha

Stands for: Enemies, debts, diseases, misery, sorrows, wounds, worries, disappointments, illness, accidents, obstacles, scandals, mental afflictions, injuries, imprisonment, cruel actions, house of deficiency & wants, service, gains, mental afflictions, injuries, imprisonment, cruel actions, house of deficiency & wants, service, gains, mental stability, wood, timber, stone, instruments, hospitals, prisons, punishment, execution of cruel orders, favorable results in competition, enemy of humanity, center of all six natural enemies of humanity viz., kama (lust), krodha (anger), lobha (greed), moha (infatuation), ahankara (arrogance), eersha (jealousy), loss in investment purchases made by partner, material prosperity, competition.

7th House

Stands for: wife , husband, death, sexual desires, marriage, foreign, travels, children, general happiness, business partner, cure of disease, relations with public, masses, general property, family relationship, litigation second wife, recovery of lost property, vital power, hernia, sexual diseases, sexual passions or union, diplomacy and honor in foreign country, trade and speculation, marital happiness, business tact, description of thief, foreign affairs, social interactions, partnerships in business, social & official status.

8th House
Dusthana, chaturasras succedant

Stands For: Disgrace, degradation, sorrows, debts, death & its cause, impediments, longevity, legacies, gifts, unearned or hidden wealth, career, defeat, urinary trouble, punishment from govt., fear, loss of money from debts, hidden wealth, foreign travel, husband’s relatives, mangalaya (for ladies), accidents, delays, dejection, disappointments, loss, obstructions, intense mental worry, wickedness, sin, killing a living being, wanderings, trouble to partners & brothers, mystery, occult sciences, travels.

9th House
Kona, cadent, apokalimas

Stands for: Dharma, fortune, wealth, father, son, religion, deity (religious fervor). Journeys, foreign travel, fame, higher mind-wisdom, sudden prosperity, wealth by way of patrimony, moral standards, virtues, gifts (daan, prosperity, charity, luck, husband’s fortune, issues in a female horoscope, faith, legal, charitable & religious professions, preceptors, teachers, sacrifices, pilgrimage, research, invention, discovery, exploration, methodical meditation, intuition, forethought, moral qualities, soubhagayasthana for females.

10th House
Meridian cusp, Kendra, upachaya

Stands For: Occupation (Movable signs: indicate ambition, fame, recognition and makes native self-assertive, independent profession; fixed signs indicate firmness, determination, self-reliance, patience, fixity of purpose which is necessary for business; common signs indicate services), karma, respect, honor, foreign travel, dignity, father, position, trade & commerce, action, political power, reputation, command, fame, success, status, authority, morality, maraka to parents, retirement from world, election, litigation, government jobs, rank, prosperity, prominence.

11th House
Succedent, upachaya, trishadha

Stands for: Gains (of money, knowledge), elder brother or sister, wealth, elevation of husband, longevity of mother, gain from father-in-law, friends, hopes, wishes, aspirations, success in undertakings, elections, litigation, speculation, discharge from hospital, ears, trade, society, community, recovery from illness, freedom from misery, ambitions, wishes, desires & their fulfillment, marriage, diseases( being 6th from 6th), injury house.

12th House
Trik, Cadent, Trishadha

Stands For: Losses, expenditure, left eye, waste, extravagance, moksha, divine know-ledge, sexual enjoyment, foreign travels, secret enemies, sins, leaving one’s own place, fear from foes, being after death, feet, sleep, wanderings, living abroad, troubles to partners, comforts of bed, mental worry, loss of wife, death of native, ability to renounce, disputes, misfortunes, liberal out-look, hospitals, jails, travels, expensive profession, impediments, restraint, limitations, waste & extravagance, success through occult affairs, life in a foreign place, asylums.



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