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Positive traits:
Dynamic and creative, original and independent, abundant energy, forceful, pioneering, adventure, enterprising, courageous, freedom loving, assertive, frank, vitality, decisiveness, power to adjust to circumstances, ambitious, planning ability, strong will power, heroic, self confident, love for art elegance and beauty, is a leader, takes risks for others.

Negative Traits: Fickle minded, quick tempered, extremist, hot-constitution, rash, restless, selfish, unsubtle, impulsive, impatient, quarrelsome, aggressive, stubborn, needs a change or break after continuous stay or work, nervy, brash, intolerant, jealous, dislikes being told what to do, blind to own’s effect on others.


Positive traits: Practical, reliable, calm and patient, persistent; loving, ambitious, affectionate, artistic, sensuous, trustworthly, warm-hearted, strong willed, industrious, liberal in gifts, self-reliant, remarkable power of endurance, fond of pleasure, love, beauty and music, sacrificing and forgiving disposition, cautions, careful, prudent, liberal heart, does not retain anger for long, stamina, imaginative, careful & conservative outlook, thorough, very loving, attentive, gentle and placid, fond of cooking.

Negative Traits: Lazy, possessive, nervy unimaginative, stubborn, greedy, resentful, self-indulgent, unoriginal, obstinate, proud, prejudiced, fixed and rigid temperament, bit selfish and vindictive, slow in action, materialistic, insensitive.


Positive traits: Intellectual, planner, versatile adaptable, witty, charming, logical, lively, chatty, amusing, youthful, fond of reading writing and indoor activities, sensual, artistic, imaginative, good conversationalist, inventive, progressive, variety seeker, best for occupation where much activity is needed mathematician, inquisitive, versatile.

Negative Traits: Changeable, wavering mind, nervous, restless, fickle, fidgety, gossipy, inquisitive, liable to fraud and deception, if papa planets  in Gemini trickery, deceit will be their nature interested in moving with opposite sex, non-committal, impatient and irritable, capricious, manipulative, dual personality, impractical.


Positive traits: Domesticated, emotional, sensitive, self-reliant, nervous, intelligent, very frugal, industrious, intuitional mind, perceptive, imaginative, talkative, attached to family, hospitable, honest, loves justice and fair-play, fond of and dexterous in music, decisiveness, adaptable, psychic nature, easily impressed by feelings and thoughts of others and surroundings conditions, fertile imagination, psychic and mediumistic faculty, tenacious, kind, caring, protective, good memory.

Negative Traits: Shy, lack of confidence, restless, nervous, hen-pecked, over-emotional, hypersensitive, gullible, self-pitying, unstable, untidy, unforgiving, stubborn and determined when coerced, low recuperative power, unhappy married life, possessive, too easily hurt, moody, manipulative, selfish, crabby.


Positive traits: Dynamic, dominating, active, creative, ambitious, courageous, generous, enthusiastic, broad minded, good organizer, warm hearted, cheerful, likes art literature music, sincere, good tempered but sensitive, firm minded, voracious readers, forgiveful, cannot be dictated, frank, truthful, abundant energy, unimpulsive, adaptable, valiant, independent thinker, has a sense of dignity, generosity, hospitality, pride in home, a mature sense of responsibility.

Negative Traits: Egoistic, proud conceited, vain, bullying, pompous, snobbish, stubborn, intolerant, angry at trifles, contempt or arrogance, obstinate, cannot be dictated, speaks sparingly, willful, boastful, cold-heartedness when hurt a tendency to keep up appearances & to cut others down to size & to take undue credit, an uncaring attitude.


Positive traits: Intelligent, analytical, meticulous, quick-witted, fond of sex with females modest, precise, discriminating, agreeable persons, loves music and fine arts, methodical, cautious, prudent, economical, diplomatic, speaks slowly, kind and truthful, witty and charming, emotionally warm, dedicated.

Negative Traits: Fussy, lacks self-confidence, self- conscious, vindictive , selfish, builds castles in air, not practical, hypercritical, finicky, cynical gets carried away by impulses, cranky and irritable, dogmatic , untidy, prudish, undemonstrative, untidy over-demanding, nervous and worried, eccentric.


Positive traits: Charming, easy going, romantic, idealist , clean, peace makers, refined, diplomatic, farsighted, quick-witted, positive, intelligent, acts impartially as an arbitrator, loves justice peace and order, agreeable person, adaptability, artistic, inspirational & sensual temperament, persuasive, peace makers, level headed, weighs pros and cons properly before taking decision, unassuming, humanitarian, sharp reasoning, cooperative, communicative.

Negative Traits: Indecisive, resentful, flirtatious, changeable, easily influenced, highly susceptible to flattery, vindictive, habit of building castles in air, more idealists than realists, avoids hot discussions and controversies, slow worker, over indulges in sex, not easily amenable to reasoning, they force their views upon others, overbearing, fearful, indolent or sulky, manipulative.


Positive traits: Materialistic, emotional, powerful feelings, committed, loyal, imaginative, discerning, determined, intelligent, good writer and conversationalist, generous, sensual, loves excitement, appreciates luxury, loves fine arts and dancing, occupies good position in service, intense and dynamic in romance, generous disposition, self-critical, probing, penetrating, protective, compassionate, high power of concentration, dynamic, magnetic, sensual.

Negative Traits: Jealous, resentful, obstinate, unforgiving, secretive, suspicious, vindictive, inflexible, fickle-minded, cruelly inclined, frugal, wishes his subordinates to be as hard working as he is, over-critical, sarcastic. Sermonizes upon controlling sensual pleasures but him self inclined to sensual things, ruthless, sadistic, cunning.


Positive traits: humane, hastily, dynamic, jovial, sincere, optimistic, versatile, open and fair minded, philosophical, frank, visionary, impulsive, active, enterprising, religious, sacrificing nature, god-fearing, honest, humble, sympathetic, energetic, prompt cant be brought round by force but can be prevailed upon by persuasion, orthodox, good speech, hates external show & hypocrisy, holds no grudges, happy-go-lucky, inspiring.

Negative Traits: Over-anxious, restless indecisive callous, tactless careless, boastful, irresponsible, apt to exaggerate, habit of preaching, conventional and business like, argumentative, uncommitted.


Positive traits: Most practical, stoical to miseries of life, strong-willed, ambitious determined, reliable, careful, prudent, disciplined, patient, persevering, hard working, far-sighted, accepts advice tendered, good sympathetic to circumstances, respects sympathy generosity and philanthropy, good organizing skills.

Negative Traits: Allergic to cold, vindictive, cunning, cruel, indolent, devoid of shame, religious hypocrite, impudent, rigid, harsh, ruthless, pessimists, over-exacting, over-conventional, miserly, licentious, wants lot of show, lazy nature, religious hypocrite, suffers from wind diseases, egoist, takes a very critical view, a perfectionist who is not satisfied.


Positive traits: Humanitarian, independent, friendly, willing, progressive,, original, inventive, loyal, idealist, relational, generous, fortune waxes and wanes, capable of hard labor and trying journeys, good conversationalist, devoted to life partner, make friends very soon, prone to be misunderstood owing to humanitarian doctrine, covetous, perseverance, sensual, wherever goes leaves an indelible impression, communicative.

Negative Traits: Unpredictable, eccentric, peevish when provoked, continued struggle, limited means, rebellious, stubborn, tactless, unwilling to share ideas, perverse and eccentric, rude, self-interested, curious about others.


Positive traits: Compassionate, religious, god-fearing, superstitious, religious, stoical, orthodox, reserved, learned, grateful, artistic, kind, sympathetic, intuitive, adaptable, receptive, easily impressed by feelings and thoughts of others and surroundings conditions, satisfied with wife and fortunes, inclined to change and travel, emotional and psychic nature, shy, helpful, hospitable.

Negative Traits: Superstitious, indecisive, easily led astray, weak-willed, greedy, immoral, lacks self-confidence, timid, stubborn, frugal in spending, nervous, confused, vague, rigidity in observance of orthodox principles, ambitious to exercise authority over others, depressive, self-pitying, escapist, tends to blame self for everything and gets too emotionally involved with the problems of others, dependent.



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